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Ennexus Development Process

To fully understand and evaluate the requirements of your project, our development process consists of four important phases.

These four phases ensure that your project will be properly defined and implemented successfully. It will help keep your project on time and within budget.

Our Development Process

Phase 1 – Project Planning

The preliminary stage is Project Planning. This phase will allow us to gather the initial requirements and concepts from you. We will identify the key areas and goals of your project including target audience, functional requirements, and financial budget. We will review your business and provide a detailed systems analysis document specifying the requirements and features as well as the initial quote/estimate.

Project Planning tasks:

  • Interview project personnel and stakeholders
  • Define the target audience
  • Information & concepts gathering
  • Site reviews
  • Define compatibility and risks requirements
  • Team Creation
  • Project time scheduling
  • Costs and estimates
  • Systems development summary
  • Define and complete contracts and agreements

Phase 2 – Project Definition & Structure

During the Project Definition and Structure Phase, we will define the system development objectives and detail the specific tasks. The definition and structure plan will outline the workflow, models, and diagrams of the project. It will describe requirements such as navigation, site-maps, and story boards.

Project Definition & Structure tasks:

  • Identify and create definitions/standards of business requirements
  • Define colours, dimensions, and measurements
  • Define navigation structure
  • Develop site-map models
  • Design workflow diagrams
  • Create user scenario diagrams
  • Gather digital assets and business documents
  • Signoff and approvals

Phase 3 – Systems Design & Implementation

The next stage is to design and implement the system. This process involves the actual graphic design and coding of your web site. It includes the configuration/installation of your system and the completion of all tasks defined within the definition and structure plan. The web site will be tested thoroughly for errors and any fixes and patches will be applied.

Systems Design & Implementation tasks:

  • Design colour grids
  • Design initial concepts and mock-ups
  • Create style templates
  • Create graphic templates
  • Create form structures
  • Programming and coding
  • Graphics and user interface integration
  • Configuration and installation
  • Quality assurance and testing

Phase 4 – Systems Operation & Support

The final stage of the development process is to deploy your web site for production. Your site will be submitted to all the major search engines including Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. We will provide a backup and recovery plan for you as well as a maintenance plan if required.

Systems Operation & Support tasks:

  • System launch
  • Search engine submissions
  • Create backup and recovery plan
  • Training
  • Stats monitoring
  • Create maintenance plan